Welcome to the Stranglehold

A not for profit fan group based in San Diego, California, USA

The IKV Stranglehold
Flagship of the Ring of Fire Fleet

Devoted to Klingon Culture as represented in Star Trek
(Though our membership has been infiltrated by other Star Trek races as well!)


The Stranglehold
Pirate Ship Or Honest Privateer Vessel

(Depending on who’s asking)
Devoted to Pirate Reenactment

You too can join in on the fun!
If you are interested in becoming a part of the
Stranglehold crew (Klingon, Pirate, or BOTH!), let us know!
Contact Dennis Hanon for more information!
We are always open to new members.

The Stranglehold crew participates in a variety of costumed events each year
including San Diego Comicon, street fairs, renaissance fairs,parades,
school visits speaking to children about conflict resolution,
assisting with fund raisers for local charities, and other themed parties and events.

Above all the Stranglehold is about having fun!

To learn more about the Klingons of the IKV STRANGLEHOLD or the
Pirates of the STRANGLEHOLD please enter the doors below.

Klingons                             Pirates                             Steampunk

Interested in joining up or booking us for your event? Contact Dennis Hanon

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