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League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries

Greetings and solicitations Villain,

No doubt you are plotting another nefarious and cunning plan to prove your superior evil intellect against some do-gooder hero perhaps with the aid of a new invention you have just created. Alas your previous plans may have gone awry or you have suffered defeat at the hands of that celebrity of goodness you sought to vanquish. Now these exemplars of good deeds have formed organizations to promote their ideals and sip tea while regaling each other with the tales of how they trounced you soundly. Well now is the time to reach new heights in the realm of being an evil mastermind. That is why I am inviting you to join the Stranglehold’s League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries. Here you will be in the company of like minded individuals with the same goal... to take over the World.

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